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Tips To Apply Nail Stickers Like A Pro

tools to apply nails stickers like a pro. Follow #movemanicure.

Today we are going to share with you how our nail technicians apply the nail stickers in a flawless way.  Nail stickers are also called nail decals and they are usually used to decorate polished nails.
Nail stickers are small decorative stickers, unlike nail wraps.  Nail wraps are usually used to cover the entire nail bed, used to cover the entire nail.  If you like to learn more about nail wraps, you may also read about them here.
Today, we are just going to focus on nail stickers.  With further ado, let's dive right into how we can apply nail stickers flawlessly.

Clean and Dry Nails 

Just like any nail polish prep work, we want to keep the nails clean and dry before we put on the stickers.  Wait for your nail polish to dry completely before layering on the stickers.  Your nail sticker will not adhere well if your nail polish is not completely dry.  Also, you may risk smudging your nail polish.

Basecoat Application 

Apply a layer of base coat on clean and dry nails even if you are not applying any nail polish.  Nail stickers do not stick well when applied to the natural nails directly.  Bare nails produce oil naturally and this causes the nail sticker to fall out very quickly.

Tweeze it 

Invest in a tweezer.  You can easily buy them off the shelves.  Using the tweezer to lift off the nail sticker from the backing sheet.  You do not want to use your fingers to lift the sticker as it will greatly reduce the adhesiveness of the sticker. 

Paste Gently  

Simple as it sounds, adjust and place the nail sticker gently on your nail bed.  Once you have found the desired spot, press it down with a silicone tool.
Smoothen Sticker - Smoothen the sticker to remove any air bubbles trapped under the nail sticker.  Smoothening the nail sticker not only removes air bubbles, but it also ensures that the nail sticker adheres nicely on your nail bed.  This step helps to keep the sticker in place longer and also remove any wrinkles formed while placing on the nail.

Long Thin Sticker 

For long thin stickers, always apply the nail sticker in a single direction.  You may apply it from left to right or top to bottom.
Trim The Edges - Trim off any excess with a cuticle nipper so the nail sticker will fit perfectly on your nails
Topcoat Application - Apply 2 layers of topcoat to seal and protect the nail polish and nail stickers to keep your manicure looking fresh and beautiful longer.

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