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Men Pedicure


Are Men Pedicure | Men Grooming Services

Many of our clients have asked if men do purchase our manicures and pedicures.  We were a bit surprised to learn that many men have not tried manicure or pedicure before until their girlfriend or wife have booked the service for them.

Today, we are going to share the benefits of nail care and why it is important to start including nail care into your normal pampering routines.

Many men have the misconceptions that manicure, and pedicure sessions are about getting their nails pretty, and painted with colors.  So many men have neglected their feet, an area which deserve more attention and care. 

Pause for a moment and think how exhausted feet are, serving you for more than 8 hours a day, day after day.  Your feet are tired, with ingrown toenails and thick layers of dead skin. 

Is it normal for guys to get pedicures?

Absolutely!  Men are starting to be pay more attention to themselves and making personal grooming an essential lifestyle.  We have noticed that more men are starting to do pedicures on a regular basis, getting that perfectly groomed nails.

Many men did not look back after they have embarked on our relaxing men manicure and pedicure treatments.  Not only do we remove the layers of dead skin or calluses, our pedicurist does a neat job in cutting the cuticles and ensuring that the underneath of the toes are thoroughly clean.

Some men are ready to take a step further by pampering their tired feet with a rejuvenating mint soak, finished with a musky scented massage cream.

How much do I have to pay for a male pedicure?

Our men manicure starts from $50 for a 45 minutes session and $70 for 45 minutes pedicure session.  This is very affordable compared to male pedicure salon prices.

What is the procedure for a men pedicure?

A typical men pedicure with Move Manicure takes about 45 minutes.  Your pedicurist will arrive at your place.  Dress casually in tee and shorts.

We will begin the male pedicure session with a warm foot soak.  Your nails will be trimmed and filed to shape.  Your pedicurist will remove any debris or dirt hidden underneath your toenails and remove any dead skin on your feet.  A massage to complete the session.

You may choose to indulge in an organic mud wrap to enhance blood circulation and have your nails painted if you are in for it!

The benefits of men pedicure

Clean healthy nails

Our pedicurist will give you all the attention your nails need after so many years of neglect.  Many of our clients have mentioned that they used to try to cut their own ingrown nails, without realizing the risks involved.  All our pedicurists are professionally trained and certified to provide a safe and hygienic nail care session.  Nails that are cut and trimmed neatly will grow out nicely, giving your toes a refreshing look.

Healthy skin

Most of our clients really enjoyed the dead skin removal process.  The pedicurist will buff away the dead skin on the sole after a warm foot soak and exfoliation.  Your feet will feel light and comfortable after a relaxing massage, finished with a layer of rich cream moisturizer to nourish and protect your skin.

Happy feet

When you care for your feet on a regular basis, you will also lower the risk of fungal infection and any odor build-up. 

Better circulation

A great pedicure session always leaves our clients happy and satisfied.  One of the benefits of having regular pedicure treatment is because the warm soak and massage promotes blood circulation and rejuvenates your whole body.  Some clients have mentioned that they are able to sleep better as well.

We notice that there is an uptrend for pedicure for men at home services.  Men are paying attention to details such as nails grooming, hair and beard grooming and more.

How are we different


Move Manicure is not just a mobile nail salon.  Our founders, Charmaine and Michelle hope to bring a holistic nail spa salon right into your homes.  Nail-care, coupled with mediation is a therapeutic experience. 

So if you are still hesitant and not want to be seen in a nail salon near you, simply give us a ring.  Let your manicurist come to you instead.  Enjoy a pedicure exclusively for men at home.

Book a men manicure and pedicure session for an elevated experience to reward yourself today. 

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