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Home Pedicure Singapore

5 Health benefits of a home pedicure in Singapore

  • promotes lymphatic and blood flow
  • de-stress and relaxed
  • removes dead skin
  • healthy nail growth
  • prevents fungal infection and bacteria growth

Home Pedicure Singapore

5 Health benefits of a home pedicure in Singapore

A home pedicure provides more than just groomed and polished toes.  More people are doing home based pedicure as part of their nail care routines as cultivating a regular pedicure habit is not difficult and benefits you in many ways.

Do you feel like you are constantly tired and stressed out at work?  If you are, then you can consider doing a home based pedicure or simply book an express pedicure in between lunch time.  You get to enjoy mobile nail salon services where the manicurist come to you to perform the mani pedi session.

Classic pedicures include a warm foot soak to promote blood circulation.  The therapist will also give you a massage from your calves, down to your feet.  Your feet have so many acupoints and by pressing on these points will help to release tension, helping you to de-stress and feel relaxed.

The foot massage promotes lymphatic and blood flow.  This helps to purge and clean toxins from your lymphatic liquid into your blood, that gets carried back to your heart for cleansing.  Regular massage on the lymph nodes keeps you healthy, with stronger immune system.

During the pedicure session, your nail therapist will also scrub and remove any dead skin and calluses on your feet.  Removing layers of dead skin around the feet help prevents cracked heels, which not only look ugly, and is painful at the same time.  Afterall, what is the purpose of spending some much money on your beautiful sandals when your toes are not groomed and exposing your dry and cracked heels.

Regular pedicure session keeps your nails clean and strong.  Healthy nail growth is also a sign a healthy body.  Clipping your nails, cleaning cuticles, and removing any dirt trapped under your nails are all important steps to keep your nails clean and healthy.  When you have healthy nails, the chances of developing fungal infection also reduces.

Lastly, it is always an awesome feeling when you look good and feel good about yourself.  Keep yourself neat and groomed with beautiful toe colors of the season will put a smile on your face.  It is always amazing to have someone pamper you, and you will only feel relaxed and positive after a great mani pedi at home.

Why do you soak your feet in a pedicure?

Do you need to stand for long hours during work?  Do you feel tired and restless while standing in the MRT?  Giving your feet a warm foot soak after work is a great way to reduce stress and relieve any sores and aches from wearing those high heel shoes.

A warm foot soak not only helps promote blood circulation, it also helps to soften any dead skin and calluses growing on your feet.  In addition, a warm foot soak helps get rid of any dirt and debris hidden underneath those nails.

If you love to pamper those feet a little more, you can also add on additional ingredients can are easily found in your home such as:

Foot soak salt

Epsom salts contain magnesium and sulphate that are essential to help detox and flush out toxins from our body.  Regular foot soak helps to ease muscle cramps and reduce inflammation.  Epsom salts are also used to prevent foot odor by helping to reduce fungal infection and prevent bacteria from growing.

Simply add 1 or 2 teaspoon of Epson salt into your warm foot soak water and let the salt dissolve in the tub.  Let your tired feet soak in the warm foot tub for about 10 to 15 minutes, dry your feet and you are ready to head to bed.

Essential Oil Blends


You may also choose to add essential oil blends to your favorite soak.  You may choose to add it with the foot salt or use these 2 ingredients separately depending on your mood.  Some of the popular blends are:

Peppermint + Rosemary soak for a rejuvenating session.  Peppermint helps your muscles to regulate the electrolyte levels, reducing ache and sores.  It can also help to relieve you of itch and headache.  Rosemary has a perk me up effect and helps to ease pain and relieve stress.  Peppermint combined with rosemary essential oil foot soak will wash away one day’s work of fatigue and stress.

Lavender + Milk soak for a relaxing.  Lavender is relaxing and helps to relief you of joint pains and sore muscles after a workout.  Milk is nourishing food for the skin and helps to keep your complexion fair and smooth.  Milk is also very hydrating for dry skin, and great for repairing cracked heels.  If you need to destress and hope to have a great sleep after the foot soak, give Lavender + Milk soak a try.

White tea + Cedarwood soak for a romantic and sensual soak.  White tea is a very popular scent and has many health benefits when used regularly.  White tea is a great antiseptic as it contains many useful anti-inflammatory properties.  They can used to treat fungus and reduces foot odor.  Cedarwood has calming properties with a woody scent.  When combined with white tea essential oil, the fragrance is therapeutic and relaxing.  Give this popular essential oil blend a try.

How to do a DIY pedicure at home?

Want to know how you can master a salon-like DIY pedicure at home?  First, let’s prepare all the tools that you need:

 What do I need to prepare for an at home pedicure? 

  • Foot tub with warm water
  • Cotton pad
  • Nail polish remover
  • Foot file
  • Nail file
  • Nail cutter
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Cuticle oil
  • Scrub
  • Moisturizer
  • Toe separator
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Base coat and top coat

Wipe of any nail polish with nail polish remover and cotton pad.  You would want to work with a clean nail surface.  If you do not have any nail polish, it is also a good habit to cleanse off any oil on the nail surface with a nail polish remover.

Soak your feet into the warm foot tub.  You may refer to the foot soak salt or essential oil blends on how you can prepare a professional foot soak.  Give your feet a 10 to 15 minutes soak, sit back and relax.  Alternatively, you may also put on a face mask and hand mask at the same time.  Scrub both legs with a sugar scrub of your choice and rinse off.

Remove your feet from the foot soak and dry both feet thoroughly.  Use a foot file to gently file any layers of dead skin.  Pay attention to the heels and toes areas.  Scrape off just enough to prevent bleeding or irritation.  Apply moisturizer on your legs and feet, gently massaging your leg in an upwards circular motion, followed by a downwards circulate motion to promote blood circulation.

Knead your toes one by one, do massage the space in between the toes as well.  Use a towel to clean off any excess moisturizer on the toe nailbed. 

Use a nail cutter to cut your toenails into the desired shape and length.  Use a nail file to file and buff the nails.  Next, use a cuticle pusher to push off any excess cuticle and use a cuticle nipper to cut off excess cuticle.  Wear a toe separator and get ready to paint those nails.

Apply a base layer to protect your nailbed.  Next apply a thin layer of nail polish and let it dry.  For normal nail polish, you can just air dry them.  If you are using professional gel polish, you will need to have a UV/LED lamp.  Dry the nail polish for at least 1 minute before you move on the second layer.  The second layer can be applied in a slightly thicker layer than the first layer for a thick and opaque finish.  Apply a top coat to keep the shine and colours of the nail polish longer. 

If you are wearing normal nail polish, do not touch water or wear shoes for the next 12 to 24 hours as you want to nail polish to fully harden.  Otherwise you may notice blotches on the nail polish, making it look unsightly and wrinkled.

For all gel nail polish, you may put on those shoes immediately as the nail polish are cured under the UV/LED lamp.

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